IoT - IIoT for Smart Agriculture in order to


1. Save your Manpower cost and effective Management time 

2.Water and Energy Efficiency

3. Machine Learning for Predict Weather 

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Our Story

Maple Smart Control a Canada Startup developing IoT-based automation tools for agriculture.


Our system, which is a control and monitoring mechanism for all greenhouse functions, including humidity, irrigation, lighting, temperature, and ventilation, is primarily adapted for greenhouses, aquaponics, hydroponics and other indoor growing operations such as Vertical Farming

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Our  Technology
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Smart Control

Maple Smart Control’s system consists of a module that

- Measures temperature, humidity, CO2 and Lux level within a greenhouse.

- It also controls the irrigation and ventilation systems.

- A Mobile App and/or Cloud  shows the user their greenhouse

- Via a live feed from an installed camera, and using this web app

- The owner of the greenhouse may make manual changes to all the systems within the greenhouse.


To realize the true potential of Internet of Things (IoT), the data generated by sensors has to be analyzed in real-time.

Our communication by Wifi, RF, 3G and Internet Cable can help you in remove location and multi point for management.

We are building APIs, tools, and platforms that enable developers to build IoT applications that connect devices with the 3rd party Cloud and Mob App  with high Cyber security - Big Data - Device Management with trust and reliability system  



The first set of deliverables are what we intend to deliver to customers, namely:

  • Savings on manpower costs,

  • Automating the irrigation system as per customer request and saving water cost,

  • Data collection for the client,

  • Monitoring CO2 in order to optimize the greenhouse for reduced CO2 emissions.


Our second deliverable is efficiency and cost savings data. What kind of savings can implement this system produce? These are numbers we need for sales of our final product once it is completely agriculture market.

Our estimates of how much man-hour cost around 2-3 hours/for one greenhouse per day, water can be saved is 10 – 15% compared to normal operation. Based on our experience in Viet Nam, we expect our system to generate 2-5% energy savings.

At scale, the potential for improved efficiency and sustainability within Canada is enormous.




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Mob App - IIoT device
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50 Crowther Lane ( Suite 140)

Fredericton - NB - Canada - E3C 0J1


Tel: 506-440-5340

Mob App - IIoT device